Local presence

Why do we exclusively invest in Georgia- and Southeast-based companies? Georgia is our home—we can’t cut and run if times get tough, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are committed to the long-term, sustainable economic viability of companies and communities in our home state. Investing in Georgia- and Southeast-based companies allows us to harness the power of passion and proximity while fostering stability for your team. The key to this is pretty simple—we don’t forget about the people involved. Each partnership we forge is done with the utmost consideration of businesses’ employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and other key stakeholders. Doing business face-to-face also allows us to better support management teams, creating an outsized opportunity for us to add value.

Rooted locally and connected globally: Our team has a deep knowledge of the business environment and community here, but we also have trusted contacts at some of the most successful companies and biggest family offices in the world. It’s what we know and who we know that helps us make a quantum impact on sustainable growth.