TeamOne Logistics Reveals 3 Strategies for Reducing Exhaustion in Truckers

Featured on Automotive Industries

March 7, 2016 – With the high consumer demand for goods and supplies in today’s society, the rush for truckers to deliver cargo on time may compromise their safety. This kind of pressure increases the risk for truck drivers to become exhausted and get into accidents. TeamOne Logistics reveals three strategies for your company to implement to avoid these issues from occurring:

1. Follow government rules and regulations. Companies and drivers are required to comply with state and federal laws in order to best promote driver safety. For example, daily and weekly driving limits and mandatory day-off schedules must be enforced to lessen the number of drowsy driving incidents while on the job.

2. Regular health check-ups. Illnesses, both physical and mental, can be direct causes of fatigue, so it is important for employers to ensure that employees are qualified to drive. Require employees to immediately notify management of any health issues so that they can be addressed and fixed in order to prevent any potential accidents.

3. Improve time management skills. Drivers who struggle with time management skills may feel more pressured to complete work in a short amount of time. Teaching and enforcing time management is a strategy that can help out employees and prevent them from missing out on necessary sleep hours.

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