TeamOne Logistics Awarded Top Trucking Safety Honor

The Alabama Trucking Association (ATA) Workers’ Compensation Fund is pleased to announce TeamOne Logistics as the recipient of our most prestigious trucking safety award, the Engineer’s Award, for their performance in 2016. This award is given based on TeamOne’s overall commitment to safety, outstanding loss ratio and their continued implementation of loss control programs.

“Next Level” Commitment to Safety

“The ATA Workers’ Compensation Fund includes over 500 member companies across multiple facets of logistics and transportation operations. They each have well-established safety programs and all take safety very seriously. A Fund member since 2003, TeamOne Logistics has taken their engagement in safety and risk management to another level, which is why they are deserving of this honor. The team approach they rely upon can be easily seen from just a brief conversation with their executive leadership, to the employees working in their partners’ logistics and transportation operations.  We are proud to be able to partner with TeamOne and their entire team to achieve the many successes we have over the years,” says Kimble Coaker, CEO and Administrator of the ATA Workers’ Compensation Fund.

The Alabama Trucking Association’s Safety and Maintenance Management Council (SMMC) is composed of safety and maintenance professionals from hundreds of Association member companies. These men and women contribute daily to highway and workplace safety by sharing their extensive experience for the benefit of the entire organization. The ATA Fund’s Engineer’s Award recognizes programs that exemplify these highest standards and embody the core values.

Commitment to Safety Every Time

“We are honored to be recognized by the ATA for excellence in safety and risk management and receive its highest safety award. This award is the result of a complete team effort. It takes the dedication of TeamOne Logistics’ safety and compliance team, passionately led by Patsy White, our insurance partners at Ironwood Insurance and the ATA Workers Compensation Fund, alongside the asset-based partners we work with every day around the nation to accomplish this,” says TeamOne Logistics CEO Page Siplon.

“TeamOne’s goal is simple… make sure our employees get home safe to their families, not just most of the time… but every time. The expectation of zero accidents and injuries is a culture TeamOne Logistics takes very seriously and fosters at every level of our organization. For ATA to see the hard work our team puts in every day, and the worthwhile results it creates, is truly a great compliment,” he adds.


About The Alabama Trucking Association Workers’ Compensation Fund

The Alabama Trucking Association Workers’ Compensation Fund has served logistics and transportation companies since 1993, and rewarded their participation by returning dividends in excess of $100 million. Today the Fund is as committed as ever in providing the most affordable coverage for all members. The Fund is the only workers’ compensation provider that bears the name and complete endorsement of the Alabama Trucking Association.


About TeamOne Logistics

Founded in 2003 and based in Alpharetta, Ga., TeamOne Logistics is a nationally recognized workforce management company dedicated to serving asset-based transportation and logistics businesses across the country. TeamOne partners with trucking companies, 3PLs, private fleets and warehousing operations. Their experienced team are experts in recruiting, safety, compliance and insurance, including workers compensation and healthcare benefits. TeamOne’s unique business model helps their asset-based partners re-focus on their operations and maintain existing customer relationships, while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of their workforce.