Prong PWR Case Reviewed on Gear Hungry

Featured on Gear Hungry

April 2016- With even a tiny bit of use you need to refuel your iPhone every night. Unfortunately, most cases that’ll do anything to improve this are bound to add a fair bit of bulk to your carry. And while the Prong PWR Case isn’t razor thin, it still helps with the latter thanks to a two piece design that lets you ditch the backup battery when you don’t need extra power while maintaining protection. A slim bumper shields both the sides and back of your phone from bumps and bruises, and slides into the detachable quick-release battery — equipped with 2,600 mAh of power, or enough to fully charge your phone once — seamlessly. Integrated swing-out charging prongs allow for charging by simply plugging straight into a wall outlet (or via Micro USB, in a pinch) so you won’t ever need to carry around a dedicated charger, either.

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