Excent® provides data solutions and direct training services to empower students and educators in both special and general education. School district success and students reaching their potential is our passion. Excent’s solutions include:

  • Enrich IEP, which assists in meeting State and IDEA compliance requirements with less time and effort. Enrich IEP delivers functional, easy to navigate screens with prompts that guide teachers through the Special Education process from Referral to finalized IEP
  • Enrich State, which assists States in meeting the rigorous demands of Results Driven Accountability, Enrich State offers a new and unique solution for Departments of Education in the collection of LEA data; compliance, performance, and fiscal monitoring; communication between state agencies and local districts, and drill-down displays of performance on SPP Indicators
  • Excent Medicaid, which assist in the outsourcing of full service billing, designed to make Medicaid billing accessible to all districts and schools

More information can be found at www.Excent.com.

Our partnership was formed in July 2015.