Farm Burger Named a “Sizzling Better-Burger Concept to Watch” by QSR Magazine

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Farm Burger

If you’re going to put the word “farm” in your name you better back it up. Especially in an industry where the farm-to-table mantra is about as worn out as last week’s lettuce. Here’s what gives the 12-unit chain instant credibility: co-founder Jason Mann was actually a farmer before joining George Frangos to create the brand nearly a decade ago. He worked as an organic farmer in California before moving to Athens, Georgia. There he ran an agricultural facility at the University of Georgia, but also opened a sit-down Farm 255 and founded an organic co-op farm to supply the restaurant. Mann told QSR that Farm Burger “really was an experiment in that, how does a farmer – aka me – develop a concept that is driven by the producers?” Even as its grown to California (two units), Alabama (two), North Carolina (two), Tennessee (two), and continued to build out Georgia (four), Farm Burger remains true to its agricultural roots by sourcing local, antibiotic-free, ethically raised meats, and by using the whole animal. There’s a unit inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium that Mann said is the only NFL stadium spot to boast local, 100 percent grass-fed burgers.

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