Farm Burger Honored on Good Food 100 RESTAURANTS™ List

Farm Burger Recognized For Promoting Good Food, Sustainable Food Systems

Farm Burger, a restaurant group offering 100 percent grassfed, grass-finished beef burgers, has been recognized for its role in promoting good food and sustainable food systems on the annual Good Food 100 Restaurants List from the Good Food Media Network.

The Good Food 100 Restaurants list is carefully curated based on the quantitative measurement of participating restaurants’ self-reported annual food purchasing data. Farm Burger was recognized in Georgia and California, earning five out of six links—symbolizing links in the food chain—based on the percent of total good food purchases. These purchases support state, regional and national good food producers and purveyors.

“When we started Farm Burger, our vision was to create a community of farmers, ranchers, chefs and restaurateurs working together as an ecosystem rather than a corporation,” said George Frangos, co-founder of Farm Burger. “We’re continually working to honor and support every link of the food chain, and we’re proud to have ranked among many great brands who share that same goal.”

A corresponding economic report conducted by the Business Research Division of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder on behalf of the Good Food Media Network, found that the overall food purchases of the 125 participating restaurants totaled $120.1 million. Of this, restaurants reported domestic spending $80.1 million on good food, which translates to a $255 million economic impact on the national good food economy.

“Food is better when it’s fulfilling, not just filling,” said Sara Brito, co-founder and president of Good Food Media Network. “Transparency in food sourcing is an increasingly important issue. By offering a snapshot of what happens behind kitchen doors and restaurants’ commitment to sustainable purchasing practices, the Good Food 100 holds chefs accountable and instills consumer confidence so eaters are empowered to make the best possible dining decisions. Congratulations to all the 2018 Good Food 100 Restaurants. We look forward to continuing our collective mission of creating a good food system for all.”

Founded in 2008, Farm Burger is an ethical burger restaurant group committed to leading the fast-casual industry in forging a sustainable food future. At its 13 locations nationwide, Farm Burger crafts 100 percent grassfed, grass-finished beef burgers, dry-aged and ground fresh. In addition to its beef burgers, the chef-driven menu offers a host of other items made with locally sourced ingredients, including chicken and veggie burgers, farm-fresh salads, sweet potato fries and more, with an emphasis on in-house production of cured meats, pickles, sauces, jams and preserves.

“At Farm Burger, we strive to create a meaningful restaurant experience by honoring the integrity of ingredients, promoting sustainable practices and connecting the farmers behind the fare to the communities they serve,” said Jason Mann, co-founder of Farm Burger. “We believe good food doesn’t have to come with a high-end price tag.”

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About Farm Burger

Farm Burger is a restaurant group committed to serving 100 percent grassfed, grass-finished beef burgers. Farm Burger was founded in Atlanta, Ga. by farmer and rancher Jason Mann and restaurateur George Frangos. Since 2008, the Farm Burger team has brought communities together through creative menus and locally sourced ingredients. In 2018, Farm Burger ranked on the Good Food 100 Restaurants™ List, for promoting good food and sustainable food systems. Currently, the brand operates 13 locations across the United States. For more information, visit