COVID-19 Leadership with Page Siplon, CEO of TeamOne Logistics

Page SiplonAs the CEO of TeamOne Logistics, communication with my “work family” has always been a top priority.  In our office, I “walk the corners” daily and check-in with all of my team to keep up with any challenges they may be facing, both on or off the job.  I try to remind myself to speak with the intention of creating opportunities to listen, not just to put words out there.  I care more about what my teammates have to say than what I have to say.  When the pandemic arrived, my efforts to keep in touch with the team did not change, but definitely requires a bit more creativity sometimes.  More meetings may now be remote, but we all still meet weekly to review how we are making the workplace safe and where our business stands.  We try and keep it light and conversational, as this catch-up kind of conversation is what we all seem to miss the most not being together in one office.

We consistently talk about maintaining social distance within the office and everyone’s commitment to stay home if they do not feel well. In July, we implemented a voluntary return-to-office schedule so that employees can work in the office or remotely, depending on what works best for their family’s situation.

Also, to keep everyone engaged, I regularly review where we are as a company from a financial stability perspective.  We also share updates on what is happening with our customers and what they are going through.  With TeamOne Logistics being a national Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company laser-focused on the people-side of the industry, our business and that of our partners is essential, and mostly thrived during these challenging times.  Since we are staying closer to home right now, we used this time to strategize on future growth and how to bring TeamOne Logistics to the next level of success.

Sharing my vision for growth with the team drives strong morale in a big way.  The growth impacts every single one of us on the team, and we all need to work together to make it happen.  In sharing our growth plan, which we have branded The Road to 100, the team learned we are adding several people to fast track reaching our growth goals. Sharing a bright spot in challenging times is a great way to strengthen everyone’s spirit.

I believe communicating with my team is the key to maintaining a strong company in ANY economy, not just during a pandemic. I find transparency and authenticity in regular communication with my team creates a culture of unity and passion in moving the company forward.